Best App for Fantasy Cricket in India and Earn Daily Real Cash


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Best App for Fantasy Cricket in India and Earn Daily Real Cash

Q. 1. Is the Super4 sports fantasy app free to download?

Super4, the best gaming app, is absolutely free to download, install, and use. It is the best fantasy app and real money gaming app to download. If you have interest in game earning apps you can install Super4 apps to win money.

Q. 2. Can I win real money playing online fantasy games on Super4?

Yes, you can win real money playing fantasy games on Super4. Each paid contest on super4 has different rewards, and if your team scores more points than the others, you win!

Super4 is an online sports games app. It is a cricket fantasy game where you can earn real cash on winning.

Once you earn money for winning fantasy sports contests on Super4, you can choose to withdraw it directly to your bank account and celebrate your success.

Q. 3. Why play Fantasy Cricket on Super4?

Super4 is one of the best App for fantasy cricket like Dream 11 in India. Here are a few things that make Super4 the best website and App to play fantasy cricket. Super4 is India's one of top 10 fantasy cricket apps platform with 1 Crore+ active users Super4 is super fantasy gaming app has solid partnerships with national and international sports leagues & bodies Super4 has renowned Indian and international cricketers as brand ambassadors Fantasy players play the best online games and earn money with secure transactions

Safe & Secure

Safe & Secure

withdrawal & Refunds

withdrawal & Refunds

Cricket Scoreboards
India's First-Ever

Cricket Scoreboards

Refer & Earn Signing Bonus

Referral Bonus

But That’s
Not All!

The Super 4 app brims with a variety of features including
Compete & win

Compete & win

Create your super team/scoreboard. Join our daily contests. Play & win exciting cash prizes.

Refer & Earn

Refer & Earn

The more, the merrier. Refer Super4 to your buddies and earn a bonus worth ₹ 1000/-.

Instant & secure transaction

Instant & secure transaction

Add money or withdraw winnings - everything happens instantly at Super4.

Earn More With Scoreboard

Earn More With Scoreboard

Multiply your chances of winning more prize money. Create multiple Scoreboards for every match.

Create Team



Select an upcoming match from your favourite sport.


Choose from the wide range of contests available & start winning.


Use your skills to create a fantastic team of the best 11 players

Create Scoreboard



Select the match for which you want to create your Scoreboard.


Choose from the wide range of contests available & start winning.


Using your knowledge & skills, add runs for every over of the match.

We’re Here To Answer All Your Questions!

Super 4 is India's own gaming app. It is one of the leading online fantasy sports gaming platforms in the country, with a fast-expanding user base. Super4 enables you to participate in various contests and earn exciting cash prizes by using your knowledge and skills in online fantasy sports gaming.

Fantasy gaming is an exciting strategy-based gaming genre where a player can create his/her own team and win real prizes if the team wins. Fantasy cricket is one such genre, featuring the much-beloved sport of Cricket. A completely skill-based game, it requires sharp observation and thinking skills as a captain.

After downloading and installing the app, you can register by providing some details like Team Name, Mobile number etc. An OTP will be sent to your Mobile/E-Mail ID for verification and you ready to go!
Alternatively, you also have the option to sign up directly by using your Facebook or Google+ account.

To play fantasy cricket, you must first download the Super4 mobile app on your Android smartphone or iPhone. Next, install the app and create your account with Facebook, Google, email address and/or mobile number. Enter your name, age, banking and other details, and your Super4 account will be created. Once your profile is created, you are ready to play on Super4 !

To get started: Open the Super4 app, choose a match from the list of upcoming matches, click "create team," and select a total of 11 players with a mix of batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders, and wicketkeepers to form a balanced team.

Yes, of course! Super 4 is a safe and secure application. We value our customers’ privacy and financial security, which is why we are dedicated to making our app as robust as we can.
Adding money to your Super 4 is simple, seamless and safe. From e-wallets to credit/debit cards to net banking, we have many different payment options for your convenience.
What's more, after you verify your personal details, you can withdraw the money that you win on Super4 directly to your bank account.

Of course! The beauty of Super 4 is that you don’t need to be a genius or even a sports historian to play fantasy cricket. The online fantasy cricket gaming services offered are for everyone, including those who don’t know much about cricket.
Super 4 is a completely skill-based game; all it takes for you to play and win is sharp observation and thinking skills as a captain.

You can create a scoreboard in Super4 by selecting an upcoming match from the list on the home screen and selecting "create scoreboard." Then, you can enter your estimated score for every over starting from 1-20 overs.

Whichever you want!
Super4 has variety of contests like Mega, Head To Head, Winner Keeps All etc.
You can join any contest you’d like to participate in!

New TDS law effective from 1st April 2023

Effective 1st April 2023, 30% tax as TDS will be deducted on net winnings at the time of withdrawal.

In case of no withdrawal in the entire financial year, TDS will be deducted from net winnings as on 31st march 2024.

Net winnings are defined as the difference between your gains and spends.

Net winnings = Total winnings - (Total Entry Amount-Bonus/Discount)

*Subject to change as per the rules that are to be notified under the Income Tax 1961

For e.g.
X joins a contest worth Rs100, using Rs50 discount, and wins Rs200
Winnings Rs200
Net Winnings Rs150 (Rs200-(Rs100-Rs50)

Case 1: Complete Withdrawal of Rs200
Current TDS liability (30% of net winnings) < 30% of the withdrawal amount

TDS Applicable Rs45 (30% of Rs150)
Withdrawal (after TDS) Rs155

Case 2: Partial Withdrawal
1st withdrawal of Rs100
30% of withdrawal amount < current TDS Liability (30% of net winnings)

TDS Applicable Rs30 (30% of Rs100)
Withdrawal (after TDS) Rs70

2nd Withdrawal of Rs100

TDS paid (till date) Rs30
Current TDS liability 30% of Rs150 net winnings TDS paid (till date) Rs15
TDS applicable Rs15 (30% of Rs150-Rs30)
Withdrawal (after TDS) Rs85

Super4 Players Are Super Happy Players!