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About us

About Us


We see unlimited potential in the world of e-sports and how we, as a nation, can dominate this segment. Our mission is to reach a stage where we don't just set but keep pushing the boundaries of entertainment and innovation in esports across the globe. This, we aim to achieve by reaching a reigning position at the intersection of the sports, media and online entertainment industries.


We promise to continue to meet the trust and expectation placed in us by our fans, customers, investors and stakeholders without forgetting our pioneer spirit of penetrating the fantasy gaming sector.


Our strategy is to pivot to a product-driven growth strategy in the fantasy sports domain. Our team is focused on enhancing existing as well as bringing new product features to differentiate ourselves in this segment.

We have gotten and will continue to get ahead of the pack in innovating the technologies that form the foundations of an array of applications and technologies required to raise the benchmarks of fantasy sports in India.







Rohit Bansal (Founder & Director)

If Techjeux is to achieve worldwide fame, it needs someone to even the playing field. This is where Rohit Bansal comes in!
The gentleman brings more than 15 years of experience, which allows him to bring stern entrepreneurship and international market exposure to the boardroom. A Master’s graduate from London University, Rohit has helped organizations of all forms grow exponentially. With a keen, watchful eye that pays attention to even the tiniest details, this entrepreneur strives relentlessly to help Techjeux make the desired impact on the market. All thanks to a professional experience that consisted of many leadership positions such as Partner & Cofounder (PRV Alloys LLP) and Director (V.P. Realtors Pvt Ltd).
As Founder & Director of Techjeux, he is present everywhere and every time, be it the lows or the highs.

Rohit Bansal

Ankur Mudgill (Co-Founder & Director)

A thoroughbred in the corporate landscape, Ankur Mudgill has over 14 years of experience in leading businesses towards growth, that too in a wide range of market segments. He is a well-known name in the Indian entrepreneurial landscape. A distinguished alumnus of Delhi University, he has an array of business skills under his belt. Having occupied many prestigious designations at leading businesses, he has accumulated a trove of information that the gentleman is currently using to realize Techjeux's lofty aspirations. Ankur's envy-worthy career includes many challenging responsibilities, including ownership of a real estate construction company, restaurants, bars and ensuring funding for small scale businesses. And that's on top of being the Ex-Director of Rapture Buildcon and Director of Re-India Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
Today, this charismatic entrepreneur is handling many strategic facets of Techjeux with efficiency and finesse.

Ankur Mudgill

Parit Bansal (Co-Founder & Director)

Parit Bansal is a far-sighted entrepreneur with more than eight years in business leadership. An MBA graduate from Symbiosis Pune, the gentleman, is experienced in all aspects of business formation, from operations to finance and management. Since childhood, Parit has learnt the ropes of business management. His family background boasts of over 40 years of experience (electrical cables manufacturing industry), which puts his acumen miles ahead of the curve. The entrepreneur’s portfolio also consists of diverse leadership positions, including Director (Ivana Metals and Wedding Ringers Pvt Ltd) and Partner (V.P. Industries). If that’s not enough, Parit also has behind-the-lens experience as a producer of various projects, including the web series ‘Beta Settle Kab Hoyega’.
All in all, Parit Bansal brings multidisciplinary experience to fill in the knowledge gaps (if there are any) at Techjeux.s

Parit Bansal

Shobhit Bansal (Co-Founder & Director)

A business maven with 15 years of experience under the belt, Shobhit Bansal is channelling his wide array of entrepreneurial insights to take Techjeux to new heights. He was raised in an astute 40-year old family-run business environment, thus making him a thoroughbred business. Shobhit’s business journey began after completing his Master’s from IMM India (Delhi). Since then, he has polished his entrepreneurial understanding by leaps and bounds. The gentleman has shouldered several responsibilities in the past, such as providing funding to small- scale industries and holding key positions, including Partner at V.P. International. But enough about his career history.
Today, Shobhit’s sharp skills, intellectual acuity, technological prowess and dedication to excellence is helping Techjeux grow by leaps and bounds.

Shobhit Bansal