Play & Win a Ticket to the IPL 2023

Play like a Pro, Win like a Boss with Super 4

Here’s an exciting offer that you cannot afford to miss!

Play games and stand a chance to win a free ticket to IPL Eliminator or semi-final match.

Earn 1 lac royalty coins within 45 days (April 1st to May 15th) and get rewarded!

Get Ready for the Ultimate Cricketing Experience

IPL is not just a tournament, it's an experience that every cricket enthusiast wants to be a part of. With Super 4, you not only get to play the ultimate fantasy cricket game, but also get to watch your favorite teams live in action.

How to Win Free Tickets?

Winning free tickets to IPL matches is super easy with Super 4. The more coins you earn, the higher your chances of winning.

Point System

Here’s how you can earn Royalty coins on the app:

  1. On registration - 10 super coins
  2. On PAN verification - 5 super coins
  3. On email verification - 5 super coins
  4. On mobile verification - 5 super coins
  5. On bank account verification - 5 super coins
  6. On Aadhar card verification - 5 super coins
  7. When you open the app
    • Day 1 - 1 coins
    • Day 2 - 2 coins
    • Day 3 - 3 coins

Remember, if you break the continuity, you have to start from day 1.

  1. 8. On cash deposit - 10% of the deposit amount
  2. 9. On withdrawal – 5% of withdrawal amount will be deducted.
  3. When you play a contest, you get 10% of the amount with which you join the contest in the form of super coins. For example – if you join a Rs. 45 contest, you will get 4.5 super coins.


• You can check your Super Coins under the ‘Royalty’ tab on the app.

• The player has to keep super Coins equal to 5% of his current ‘winnings’ in his Super4 wallet.

Terms and Conditions

      • The promotion is valid for a limited time period of 45 days, starting from 1st April to 15th May.
      • Participants must earn 1 lac super coins during the promotion period to be eligible for a free ticket to the IPL eliminator or semi-final match.
      • The free ticket to the IPL eliminator or semi-final match is subject to availability.
      • If we are unable to provide the free ticket for any reason, we will provide 10000 unutilized money to the player's app wallet.
      • The free ticket is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other benefit.
      • Super4 reserves the right to disqualify any participant who is found to be engaging in fraudulent activities or violating any of the terms and conditions of the promotion.
      • Super4's decision in all matters relating to the promotion, including eligibility, validity, and reward distribution, will be final and binding.
      • Super4 reserves the right to modify, cancel, or suspend the promotion at any time without prior notice.
      • Super4 reserves the right to request proof of age and identity of the participants at any time during the promotion.
      • By participating in the promotion, participants agree to receive promotional emails and notifications from Super4. Participants can unsubscribe from these communications at any time.

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