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How to Play Quizee

Play games on Super4 online cricket quiz app -Play quiz online and win big money.

Q.1. What is an online quiz app?

Online Quiz App is a time-bound trivia quiz. Super4 a quiz app gives you a chance to gauge your general knowledge and use it to win exciting cash prizes. Super4 is a quiz playing app. You can play a quiz online.

Q. 2. Is Super4 an online cricket app?

Yes, Super4 is an online cricket app.

Welcome to Quizee, a time-bound trivia quiz. Here’s your chance to gauge your general knowledge and use it to win exciting cash prizes.

  • This is a time-bound quiz.
  • Participants are asked questions based on various topics.
  • Each participant will receive the same questions with the same time limit at the same instance.
  • Each participant will also get several lifelines to help them get closer to the correct answer.
  • The maximum number of participants (players) allowed in each Quizee will be mentioned at the beginning. If the maximum participation limit isn’t reached within the waiting period, the Quizee will commence among the players who have joined.
  • If the minimum number of players have not joined the Quizee after the waiting period, your entry amount will be refunded.
  • The winning amount will vary from time to time, based on the number of participants and entry fees. However, the first, second and third prizes will be fixed.

  • There will be a set of 20 questions. Answer maximum questions correctly within a fixed period of time and as quickly as you can to earn points!
  • For each question, you will have a maximum of 20 seconds to answer.
  • The quicker you answer, the more points you earn. For example, if you answer within the first second, you will receive 20 points. On the other hand, if you answer at the fourteenth second, you will receive two points. And so on…. As follows:
Answered within: Points Rewarded
1st second 20
2nd second 19
3rd second 18
4th second 17
5th second 16
6th second 15
7th second 14
8th second 13
9th second 12
10th second 11
11th second 10
12th second 9
13th second 8
14th second 7
15th second 6
16th second 5
17th second 4
18th second 3
19th second 2
20th second 1

  • For every second saved, you earn 1 point only if you have given the right answer.
  • Participants are judged based on their total points earned. The one with the highest number of earned points is the winner and takes home the winning amount.